D20: Goblin encounter table

By Lars on March 7th 2018

D20 Goblin encounter table

Use this table for your Dungeons and Dragons game or any other role playing game where you can encounter goblins.

How it works

Roll a 20-sided dice (also known as a D20) and consult the table below.

The table

You encounter some goblins, they are:

  1. Fighting amongst themselves for no good reason.
  2. Building traps with various levels of success.
  3. Fighting over a rat on a stick.
  4. Having a jousting tournament (they are riding on pigs, wolves, boars, cows and whatever else there is at hand).
  5. Making “food” in an enormous pot.
  6. Having ugly, noisy goblin sex (you are scarred for life).
  7. Pulling a prank on an unsuspecting “comrade”.
  8. Occupied with a sacrifice on an unknown gods altar.
  9. Sleeping.
  10. Getting ready for war / raiding / pillaging.
  11. Playing a ball game with an unfortunate victims head.
  12. Being attacked by a neighbouring goblin tribe.
  13. Torturing their slaves in typical goblin fashion.
  14. Having a full blown panic attack, as their leader has lost his highly regarded macguffin and heads are already rolling.
  15. Being infiltrated by Drow (or equivalent) who are planning on taking them as slaves.
  16. Bored (beware of bored goblins, they are up to anything).
  17. Testing a new type of siege engine.
  18. Playing “Simon Says” with deadly consequences if you fail to comply (Simon got a “nice and shiny” crown”).
  19. Eating mushrooms and totally tripping balls. Some of the mushrooms are poisonous too.
  20. Having a deep philosophical discussion.

This is my first table and it’s been great fun coming up with ideas. I’ll add some more in the future with other monsters, locations, treasure and what not.

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